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Guy Tries To Shoo Cat Off His Car By Kicking The Windshield—And Instant Karma Kicks Him Right Back 😹

Viral Hog

Well now, that certainly didn't go as planned. Next time try being nicer.

An unidentified man decided it would be a good idea to try and shoo a cat off the hood of his car. It didn't go well. Not at all.

Man Scares Cat, Instant Karma Ensues || ViralHog

The man told Viral Hog:

"I was resting in the car when a cat approached the front windshield. I wanted to scare him with my foot but apparently, I hit the glass way too hard and the glass broke."

Is anyone feeling sorry for this guy?

Maybe next time, just leave the cat alone.

H/T: Mashable, YouTube