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KFC Faces Deep Fried Outrage Over 'Sexist' Commercial Depicting Boys Staring At Woman's Breasts

An Australian commercial for KFC has become the target of internet criticism over its "sexist" content.

The ad features a young woman adjusting her romper then looking at the reflection of her butt and breasts in a car's tinted window.

Moments later, the window rolls down to reveal two young boys have been happily watching.

Their mother, meanwhile, has been watching her angrily.

You can see the ad here:

After an awkward moment, the woman asks "Did someone say KFC?"

The phrase is a tagline in Australian KFC commercials.

Melinda Liszewski, spokeswoman for the anti-objectification advocacy group Collective Shout, described the commercial as:

"[A} regression to tired and archaic stereotypes where young women are sexually objectified for male pleasure."

Liszewski also stated that "[the enforcement] of gender stereotypes‚ÄĒincluding in advertising‚ÄĒcontributes to a lesser view of women, resulting in their mistreatment."

KFC apologized for the ad, telling the Australian Foreign Press:

"We apologize if anyone was offended by our latest commercial. Our intention was not to stereotype women and young boys in a negative light."

The company has not announced whether it will be pulling the advertisement from any TV stations.

It is still active on the KFC Australia YouTube channel.

Perhaps KFC has a plan to get more attention by sparking outrage amongst many in Australia.

If that was their idea, it's certainly worked!