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Conservative Epically Dragged After Claiming Lauren Boebert Is The Right's Taylor Swift

Rightwing X user Scott Greer got instantly roasted after claiming the MAGA Rep. is the 'Taylor Swift' role model for young conservative women.

Lauren Boebert; Taylor Swift
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/GettyImages

A rightwing journalist named Scott Greer was raked across the coals after claiming that Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert was the rightwing version of renowned global superstar Taylor Swift.

Other than both being women, the two couldn't be more opposite.

Note the study in contrasts between Swift and Boebert below. Are you ready for it?

One performs in sold-out arenas while the other was kicked out of a local theater for lewd behavior, i.e., fondling her boyfriend's genitals at a family-friendly musical performance.

One makes sizable donations to food banks in every city where she performs while the other has used MLK Day to call for an end to "woke America."

And while Swift broke barriers and empowered women in the music industry, Boebert set back advancements for women by identifying them as "the lesser vessel", saying "we need masculinity" to counteract that gender imbalance.

Greer, a former writer and editor for the rightwing news and opinion site The Daily Caller, laughably suggested that Boebert was the right's answer to Swift, writing on X (formerly Twitter):

"To those who might say, 'The Right need its own Taylor Swift for young women to look up to!'"
"I answer we already have that. Her name is Lauren Boebert."

Scott, whose X handle is followed by his alleged height (6'2) and IQ (187), was mocked immediately for such an awful take.

Some wanted clarification.

Others thought he excelled in comedy.

Good one, Scott. We see what you did there.