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Sassy Kitty Crashes Turkey Fashion Show—Struts The Runway In Iconic Fashion 😻

Sassy Kitty Crashes Turkey Fashion Show—Struts The Runway In Iconic Fashion 😻

They call it a catwalk for a reason - there's something about the way a cat self-importantly struts its way through life that has been inspiring models for generations. One cat in Turkey decided it was time to remind us all why.

We don't know if the cat is young or old, male or female, a pet or a stray; but that's the beauty of cats. It literally doesn't matter. All cats seem to be born knowing they're just moments away from a standing ovation. This cat decided to interrupt the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul to prove that point. By "interrupt" we totally mean "improve", by the way. The fashion show was already great before the cat showed up, but be honest with yourselves, everything is better with a sassy cat involved.

As the models took to the runway, a white cat with brown and grey markings showed up. First order of business? Grooming. The cat plopped itself on the runway and began cleaning itself, completely unbothered by the massive audience. Next, the cat took a playful swat at a models jacket as she walked past. Then came the cats time to shine. There was a gap where the runway was predominantly empty, so kitty got up and went to WERK.

Yeah, this cat is a definite spotlight stealer.

Kitty had no problem letting people know which looks were just not working.

Once the cat was done schooling everyone in the building, it just strutted off to wherever cats go when they've just mic dropped on people. One of the attendees caught the incident on video and posted it to social media where it quickly went viral. We're pretty sure the cat would be completely unsurprised by this turn of events.

Twitter LOVES this cat - as well they should.

Twitter pointed out that Istanbul has a cultural history of treating their stray cats like they're everybody's pets. The animals are fed, pet, played with and treated with kindness by the people living there. If this is the kind of kitty-sass we can expect from the sort of "everybody's pet" mentality, we're here for it.

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