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Trans 'The Voice' Contestant Goes Viral With Song About Trans People's Skeletons—And It's On Point

Sasha Allen, who was a semifinalist on the reality singing competition in 2021, clapped back at transphobes who claim that archeologists will know your biological sex by your bones after you die with a powerful song.

Screenshots of Sasha Allen's TikTok video

Transgender singer Sasha Allen, who performed with his father as part of the duo Jim & Sasha Allen on The Voice, hit back at transphobes with a song about the skeletons of transgender people.

In season 21 of last year's American version of the reality singing competition, Allen came out to viewers as trans in a segment that aired before the father and son team had their blind audition.

Of the three transgender people who appeared on the program in the U.S., Allen became the first to progress to the live semi-finals.

He and his father continued capturing the hearts of audiences before ending their run on the show.

On Tuesday, Allen filmed a TikTok video in response to a transphobic troll who commented that:

“when they dig up your bones in a thousand years, they’re going to know you were biologically female."

Allen conveyed his thoughts through music by performing a song he wrote to dismiss the ignorant claim.


woke up thinking abt this #fyp #foryou #lgbt #gay #trans #trending #music

While strumming on his acoustic guitar, he sang the following original lyrics:

"One day when they find my bones in the ground, whoever 'they' are will say look what we've found."
"A historical find it's a relic of time and they'll never attest that I don't know my mind."
"One day when they find my bones in the earth they will not equate who I was to what I'm worth."
"And they'll find your bones from the same frame of time and they'll treat your bones just as they've treated mine."
"One day when they find my bones it'll be far in the future: 4023."

Allen continued singing the line, "And you're so worried bout my bones but have you noticed..." and spoke sang this last phrase:

"by 4023 the archaeologists will probably all be transgender socialists...b*tch!"

Fans backed up the singer.









Reflecting back on when he came out as trans on The Voice, Allen told Parade at the time:

“That was a really hard decision to make because you are showing a very vulnerable part of yourself to millions and millions of people."
"But [during fan week], seeing people’s support and responses and how that has impacted people really showed that it was worth it and the right decision even though it was a hard one to make.”

After he and his father were eliminated from the competition, Allen said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

“There’s not really a choice in the matter of coming out, because… you can’t live with that pain anymore, you just have to be yourself."
"I made the decision to share my story in this way because I was like, ‘If I could help one kid who’s in the position that I was in, or help somebody to understand who knows nothing about trans people or has never met a trans person, it would all be worth it.’”

Also during their appearance on DeGeneres' show, Allen's father Jim stressed it was important for parents of trans kids to realize:

“Your child has been dealing with this for years, coming to terms with it, finally having the courage to talk about it openly."
"That’s the time for a parent to listen, and to listen again, and slow down and listen some more. Because that’s our job as parents.”