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Ryan Seacrest Had To Swap Underwear With His Stylist Midway Through 'American Idol' Live Finale

Ryan Seacrest Had To Swap Underwear With His Stylist Midway Through 'American Idol' Live Finale

Ryan Seacrest divulged to his LIVE with Kelly and Ryan show co-host Kelly Ripa he swapped undies with his stylist after a wardrobe malfunction during the finale of American Idol.

Seacrest's longtime stylist Miles Siggins strongly suggested the TV host change his underwear since his genitals were a little too prominent through the trousers for the family-oriented reality show.

“Apparently, America voted and said there was anatomy in the shot,” Seacrest said of the buzz on social media.

The 47-year-old media personality told Ripa and their audience:

“We go to commercial and he [Siggins] says, ‘Can I tell you something? We need to change your underwear'."
“I said, ‘What do you mean we need to change my underwear?'”

When Seacrest alerted him he didn't have another pair on him, Siggins had a solution.

"He says, ‘Don’t worry, I got mine,'” Seacrest said of his stylist, adding, “He’s English, so he has shorter, tighter ones. … They were tight, elastic underwear.”

Ripa was unimpressed and suggested the camera crew could have easily changed the angle to focus on Seacrest from above the crotch.

She also argued that “women do not share panties.”

“It was in the middle of a live show!” Seacrest continued. “We go backstage during the commercial and find a little corner and I’m literally taking off my pants, off my underwear, and putting his on."

“It was the first for me for a live show. Anything for [American Idol]. It’s a family show. Thank you, Miles!”

You can watch the segment from the show, here.

Ripa asked to see the footage that led to the skivvy swap, and while it's hard to determine what set off the penis "panic," it appeared Seacrest may have worn boxers and therefore revealed a little bit more than he intended.

Commenting on the debacle, Ripa quipped, “diminishing or enhancing?”

When Siggins–who also styles Drew Carey and the cast of The Price is Right, among other celebrities–saw that Seacrest's wardrobe debacle made headlines, he explained more details in a Twitter post, including the fact the undies given to Seacrest were Calvin Klein.