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Canadian Curling Team Gets Banned From Tournament For Being 'Extremely Drunk' 😬

Canadian Curling Team Gets Banned From Tournament For Being 'Extremely Drunk' 😬

What happens at the curling competition stays at the curling competition. At the Red Deer Curling Classic in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, a curling team was thrown out of the competition after their extremely drunken behavior attracted complaints from all around. The team included 2014 curling gold medalist Ryan Fry, who sounds like he got mixed up in some pretty rowdy shenanigans, according to the facility's manager:

The team was comprised of leader Jamie Koe, Fry, Chris Schille, and DJ Kidby. Sadly, they have been banned from future competitions at the Red Deer.

Fry released a statement of apology to the CBC:

"I allowed myself to lose control. I offended people with my actions and I wish nothing more than to apologize to everyone individually. I will be taking proper steps to ensure this problem can never happen again."

In Canada, curling and beer are a classic pair, so it's not surprising things occasionally get a bit out of hand. Beer is such a well-recognized part of the sport that pictures like this hardly seem out of the ordinary:

One Nebraska brewery even released its own Curling-inspired beer!

Curling fans were more amused than disappointed.

We can't speak for the Red Deer, but it seems the fans have forgiven the drunk curlers for the debaucherous night. Better luck at the next competition!

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