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Guy Wonders If He Should Tell His Roommate That He Shouldn't Be Using Magnum Condoms After A Serious Mishap

Guy Wonders If He Should Tell His Roommate That He Shouldn't Be Using Magnum Condoms After A Serious Mishap
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Size does matter when it comes to comfortable sex.

Let's face it.

All men are not created equal, but neither are condoms.

If a condom is too tight, it could cause discomfort and possibly tear. If it's too big it could cause slippage.

Fortunately, there are condoms in different length and width sizes so that everyone of all endowments can safely enjoy a good nooky.

Redditor "ClenchedCorn77" was conflicted about whether or not he should knock some sense into his delusional roommate—who recently wore a Magnum condom that performed a disappearing act.

The Original Poster (OP) wondered WIBTA (Would I Be the A**hole) if he told his roommate to wear an appropriate sized condom.

"About 3 weeks ago, my roommate had sex with a girl, and the aftermath was a nightmare."
"He got a text from her two(!!) full days afterwards saying she had just 'peed out a condom,' and that it was super 'sus' that he didn't tell her that it came off during sex."


"My roommate claims that he was unaware that it came off, blaming it on his tipsy state at the time the sex occurred."
"My roommate is not lying. I've known him for many moons and truly believe the condom fell off unintentionally and that he was truly unaware. But that's not even the point."


"When he told me what happened, I had no idea what kind of condoms he used. I don't give a sh*t and it's none of my business. Until yesterday."
"Yesterday we went to the corner store together and he bought some condoms... Magnum condoms."
"Now, this guy is 5'8 and I've seen him in his undies one hundred times. He ain't packin that kind of heat."


Average size is average for a reason. According to the medical journal BJU International, the average penis size is 5.13 inches.

Muscle & Fitness said that Trojan Magnum condoms are 20% larger than the regular Trojan Enz condoms. They're designed to fit men who are at minimum approximately 8.07 inches long, have a width of 2.13 inches and a head width of 2.36 inches.

Condoms will stretch to fit. However they won't shrink to fit.

It appeared the roommate was not a candidate for Magnums.

"I had an epiphany when he showed me the Magnums. I realized that the condom fell off because the f'king thing is way too big for him to be wearing."


"I asked him if that's what he always uses, and he said yes and boasted a little bit. The boasting is why i'm typing this out."

The OP thought it was time for a reality check.

"Should I tell this insecure motherf'ker that his c*ck is simply not big enough to warrant him using Magnum condoms?"
"I looked it up, Magnums are meant for penises that are at least 8" x 2"."


"There is zero chance this guy is packing like that, and the condom falling off inside that girls vagina is solid proof, and I don't know how he didn't realize it then."
"Here's the thing: he's the kind of dude you hear about that loves to relish in his high school days as a Super Athlete. He's pretty insecure and is constantly trying to get laid."
"I feel like telling him that his cock isn't as big as he thinks it is would crush him, and maybe even make him resent me."
"But like, that sh*t is dangerous. The dummy shoved a magnum condom so far up a girls vagina that she didn't pee it out until 48 hours later."
"I'm a bit conflicted here. WIBTA for raining on his parade?"

Redditors agreed the OP was NTA (Not the A**hole), but there was one burning question.

"NTA. Ok I'm really confused on how you pee out a condom. They are two separate holes."
"I think it's better you tell him nicely, but tell him. Very few men actually need magnum condoms." – CyHawkNerd
"Maybe she pushed hard when she was peeing and it clenched her vaginal muscles as well?"
"She definitely didn't pee it out but it might have come out while she was peeing." – Chapstickie

Women confirmed these things happen.

"If I push while peeing on my period, the tampon comes out a bit. They're different holes but are neighbors with a shared muscle wall." – phalseprofits
"It happened to me once when a condom broke and we didn't realise it left a bit behind. It's the weirdest sensation." – m4dswine
"That happens to me as well. I can't imagine a condom though, the sensation must be just so unnerving. The texture is so different from a tampon."
"plus a used condom? disgusted shivers." – evilwoman747


Something else was baffling.

"Well, as a female, I have a differing perspective. How the f'k do you not know that you have a condom for two days?" – dankswed

People probed deeper into the matter.

"It was probably shoved so far up from the thrusting that she couldn't feel it. Not uncommon at all."
"I got a menstrual sponge stuck up there once and had to go to the hospital to get it removed. I couldn't feel it; I only knew it was jammed because I knew I put it there and couldn't pull it back out when I went to remove it."
"If I didn't know it was there, I wouldn't have felt it." – boudicas_shield
"Women only have sensory neurons primarily in the first 1/3 of the vaginal canal, so if it was in further (which is likely, it was probably at the cervix after sex) there's no reason she would feel it."
"The same reason that we can't feel tampons, there's just nothing to really feel that far up. condoms are actually pretty small and flexible, so it wouldn't cause much if any discomfort." – psichickie

Moving on from peeing out condoms, what about the risks involved with wearing an oversized penis jacket?

"My tampon has slipped before when I'm peeing hard, because the muscles contract."
"It probably slid out whilst she was peeing, because it was so far up there she couldn't feel it. That's really dangerous for her, both in terms of TSS, infections, and pregnancy."
"This idiot is endangering women by pretending he's got a megad*ck. No one cares about your d*ck size except you; women DO care if you're leaving condoms inside them and not telling them they came off during sex." – boudicas_shield
"NAH, your safety concerns are real."
"However he should get actual measurements to determine if it is in fact too big. He could have in fact been tipsy and gone flaccid."
"Height is not that correlated with penis length or girth and you haven't actually seen him naked." – danidoki

This Redditor offered a way in which the OP could diplomatically get his point across.

"He might have the mindset that average means not the best. He might actually be a major league grower."
"He also might not understand that Magnums are a larger size, although he probably does. And it's totally possible they fit, but he was drunk and went flaccid or hadn't rolled it down to the base."
"Considering he's using condoms, it's a safe assumption he's trying to protect himself and his partner. Have a sincere conversation. Cause him to think about the fit of those condoms without putting him down."
"Talking about size and fit of anything personal gets really awkward."
"I have a friend who complains about being 'fat' or having muffin top. She's not fat, she's tiny. But she has muffin top because she wears her pants one or two sizes too small."
"Haven't said anything yet because there's so much ego that comes with size. Pants size, penis size, butt, biceps, nose, breasts; you name it! Be kind." – gimmiesomewater


Redditor "TryToDoGoodTA" gave a valid explanation indicating this could actually be a YTA (You're the A**hole) classification.

"Important to remember that when choosing condoms, girth is the much more relevant measurement and than length. condoms don't come off because they haven't been 'unfurled' completely (as long as they are rolled the whole way down the guys shaft), it's the 'tightness' around the shaft that keeps it on."
"I think the way this guy is posting seems like he doesn't want to be diplomatic, which makes me think he's in the YTA camp."
"Basing this guys girth on his height and seeing him in underpants (when flaccid) hardly gives him the right to 'tell this insecure motherf'ker that his cock is simply not big enough to warrant him using Magnum condoms'."
"Even if his penis isn't terribly long when erect, if it has girth then using a 'larger' size is the 'right' size. Using anything that is more than 4mm below my optimal size is uncomfortable enough that I can't cum from the discomfort."
"Also, the word 'Magnum' isn't an actual measure ffs, in Australia brands 'magnum' sizes ranger from a 56mm (which are smaller than some brands 'regular) and others are as big as 65mm (but this is specialist sex store territory)."
"If the condoms have never come off previously, it's possibly that he is a 'grower' and he was 'tipsy' meaning he was having trouble staying hard and that is how it came off. This was my first thought, and you seem to agree,"
"If he really wants to help, he word leave adjectives out of, i.e. not talk about magnums or whether you need to be hung like a horse or whether he should be wearing tinsy-winsies or something, he should ask him if he is aware that different brands have different diameters, and that it's important work out what size you are (i.e. how many millimeters) and then buy that size."


"Agree, I suspect OP knows as much about male anatomy as he does about female anatomy."
"Only getting a rough idea of flaccid penis size through clothing is absolutely no indication of erect penis size."
"Safety concerns are real but I think OP is likely to completely mishandle this (pun intended)." – drowreth

And that is one to grow on.

If someone you love has one and you want them to know more, The Penis Book: A Doctor's Complete Guide to the Penis—From Size to Function and Everything in Between is available here.