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You've Probably Been Using Your Can Opener Wrong—But The Correct Way Is Actually More Dangerous

You've Probably Been Using Your Can Opener Wrong—But The Correct Way Is Actually More Dangerous

Can openers are pretty simple. We all know how to use them, right?

WRONG! According to a YouTube video recently posted to Reddit, the proper way to use a can opener is one of the world's best kept secrets.

The video, which has been viewed over 173k times, claims that, while most people hold the can opener vertically, they're actually supposed to clamp onto the top of the can horizontally.

In the background of the video, someone can be heard saying:

It makes so much more sense to hold it flat than to vertically try to attach it.

The online community was stunned to know they'd been opening cans wrong their whole lives.

There are drawbacks to the "proper" method, however, as Reddit user Stinsudamus pointed out:

The way purported as 'right' in this video leaves the entire cut top edge exposed and 'sharp' meaning easier to cut your hand on. The first way cuts below the folded top, so the sharp edge is inside the can and harder to hit I guess.

Another YouTube commenter agreed—the automatic removal of the can's lid wasn't worth the dangerously sharp edge.

Doing it that way gives you the sharpest edge in human history which you cut your hand on 99% of the time. I'm stickin' with old.

Ultimately, whatever kind of can opener you have might determine the "right" way to use it. A Reddit user commented:

Eh, I think it depends on the opener. My current one only allows horizontal top opening. My old one only allowed vertical side opening. It was confusing.

For instance, this smooth-edged can opener is definitely meant to be horizontal:

So what's the objective right way to use a can opener? The answer still eludes humanity. There are still many years of research between now and the glorious day when we know for certain. Until then, enjoy your Campbell's soup whichever way seems easiest for you!

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