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Chip Experts Are Ranking Frito-Lay Products In The Most Important Debate Of Our Lifetime


Twitter user @KevOnStage shared a video of himself and some friends raking the Frito Lay's chips in a variety pack, and now the whole internet is getting in on the action.

The video features several people weighing in and giving their rankings, as well as a healthy dose of debate and incredulous ribbing over others' choices.

The video has been viewed over 5.6 million times on Twitter, and there is no shortage of people wanting to give their personal rankings.

You can view @KevOnStage's video below:

People got quite vehement about their rankings!

Even Chris Evans weighed in on the issue.

Fritos seemed to get a surprising ammount of hate in the comments...

But one user knows where it's at.

The fact that nobody seems to agree which chips are best makes it even more mysterious that there's always one kind of chips left in the office variety pack that nobody will eat. If we all like different things, how is there always one kind left?