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Woman Tells Pakistani Family They Smell Like Curry In Unhinged Racist Rant: 'Get Out Of My Town!'

Woman Tells Pakistani Family They Smell Like Curry In Unhinged Racist Rant: 'Get Out Of My Town!'

TikTok caught a "pure White" woman on film shouting a racist and profanity laden tirade at a Pakistani family in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.

The video reached 1.1 million reactions and over nine million views.

The video began with the TikToker, @_rabioli, shouting at the woman on a mobility scooter:

"You wanna say it to my face?"

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The woman promptly turns her scooter around to scream back at the woman:

"Yeah, I'll f'king say it to your face, you f'king ugly [racial slur for a Pakistani] f'k. Get out of my town!"

When asked what she was, she replied she's "pure White."

Then someone off camera said she's racist, so she responded:

Yeah, I'm a racist b*tch, and I love it!"

The video's caption read:

"For awareness purposes only!"
"Spread Love."

Multiple people tried to get the woman to leave but she continued to yell, curse and spew racist things at the crowd. She even attempted to hit people.

TikTok had a lot of thoughts in the comments.







The video was later posted to Twitter, where we see the woman return to confront the group and harass them further. In front of children and adults alike in a public area, she continued to swear and scream.

A comment was made about her feet, as she was not wearing shoes.

The woman replied:

"Yeah, you know what, I'm a witch! We're supposed to be drowned, you dumb f'k."
"You know nothing about witches! You want to f'k with me? You'll see what happens."

The other people with @_rabioli were saying things back to the women. @_rabioli attempted to quiet the others, saying not to pay her any mind because she is shouting at everyone and seems to have some "issues."

That's when the woman said they smell like curry, speak in a different language and are "disgusting."

As she sat there with both middle fingers waving around, someone said:

"You're a total embarrassment."
"You're making a scene in front of all these young children for nothing."

She did not seem to care children were in the area. The woman claimed it was because they don't speak English and wouldn't understand.

More people continued to surround her and respond to her racist harassment.

Since the incident, Durham Regional Police charged the woman with causing a disturbance.

The Police reported:

"On August 16, 2021, a video of the incident was posted on social media depicting the female suspect yelling racial slurs at several victims."
"Upon further investigation, officers at North Division were able to identify the suspect."
"A 61-year-old female of Scugog has been charged by way of a Summons with Causing a Disturbance."

So much for it being "her town."