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Florida Congressional Candidate Dragged After Claiming That Beyoncé Is 'Faking' Being Black

Florida Congressional Candidate Dragged After Claiming That Beyoncé Is 'Faking' Being Black
KW Miller / Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Florida's 18th congressional district sits along the south east coast of the state just a highway exit or two north of Mar-A-Lago. Currently, the district is represented by Republican Brian Mast.

Recent elections have already shown us that anything is possible, but websites are already predicting Mast's competitor, KW Miller, has destroyed his own run. Miller, an independent candidate, celebrated the 4th of July by going on a Qanon Twitter rant that included, among other things, an accusation that Beyonce is faking her Blackness.

According to Miller, Beyonce is actually an Italian woman whose real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. Miller believes that "Ms. Lastrassi" is pretending to be a Black woman to increase her exposure and that George Soros and the BLM movement are behind it.

We know it sounds odd, but it really was just the tip of the conspiracy iceberg.

Here is a sampling of his recent tweets.

So as you read through these tweets you'll notice Miller has a particular chip on his shoulder when it comes to Black celebrities.

While some may feel it comes across as racist, those some would be shocked (not really) to learn it goes much further. In fact, Miller fancies himself some sort of White savior sent to "awaken" and "heal" the Black community.

He proudly followed up that tweetstorm with this:

Take your time there. We know it's a lot to process.

Let's circle back to the Beyonce claim, though. Miller's idea that Beyonce is Italian is not, actually, without precendent. We're not saying Miller's sources are great, but he did not come up with the name "Ann Marie Lastrassi" out of thin air.

That name has been connected to Beyonce for some time, but not in the way the proud Qanon loving politician would have us believe. The alias actually came from a widely panned fan-fiction about the singer.

The story involves reptilians, the Illuminati, some classic brainwashing, stolen babies and biological pop star connections we never imagined. In the story, Beyonce is brainwashed by the Illuminati using "alien telepathy" and convinced that she has to act Black instead of Italian.

The story also casts Ariana Grande (who was born when Bey was 10 or 11) as Beyonce's biological daughter and Lady Gaga as her sister. Like we said, Miller's "sources" aren't the greatest, but they exist.

As fan-fiction.

The film Men In Black said Elvis Presley was an alien who went home. Sorry, Miller, that doesn't make it true.

When called out on it, Miller defended his tweets as "spreading awareness"

Twitter is pretty horrified by the fact that this person is running for office and already has strong political connections.

Miller, however, seems to be a believer that any attention is good attention.

He is aware the world is talking about him right now and reveling in it.

He may be enjoying the attention, but do not assume Miller is insincere in his beliefs.

He has spouted the same sorts of ideas on his GoFundMe, his Facebook and in multiple videos. He espouses "masculinity," the fall of beta males, claims Trump is the very definition of masculinity, is "pro unborn", mocks the trans and nonbinary community openly, etc.

Miller's Twitter is still up and running, though his GoFundMe and other fundraising platforms have been shut down.