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Priyanka Chopra Has A New 'Devious' Role As A Cult Leader And Murderer In Biopic

Priyanka Chopra Has A New 'Devious' Role As A Cult Leader And Murderer In Biopic

Priyanka Chopra has just returned from her tropical honeymoon with husband Nick Jonas and is diving right back into work, taking on a far less likable role than some of those she's played in the past: "former cult spokesperson and attempted murderer" Ma Anand Sheela.

Sheela rose to prominence as the right hand aid of Indian "guru" Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who lead the 1980's Rajneeshees cult in rural Oregon covered by the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country. The limited series introduced Sheela's role in Rajneesh's plans, which would eventually include mass poisonings and silencing prosecutors, to a new generation.

Appearing on her show Wednesday, Chopra told Ellen Degeneres:

"We are developing it as the character Sheela, who was this guru who originated from India. [She] was his right-hand woman, and she was just devious."

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Following her roles in Baywatch, Quantico, and the upcoming Isn't it Romantic?, fans are excited to see Chopra sink her teeth into what might become her most complex performance yet. After all, according to Popsugar:

"Sheela not only managed the gun-heavy sex cult but also helped mastermind a bioterror food poisoning attack, as well as a foiled plot to murder a federal prosecutor who was threatening the cult's way of life."

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The charges against Sheela don't end there—Wild Wild Country delves even deeper into how she manipulated the public on camera while breaking the law behind the scenes.

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The new film, which is being directed by Barry Levinson, will also feature Chopra as producer. Fans can't wait to see the final product:

Sheela is still alive and doing quite well. She evaded imprisonment for her U.S. crimes and escaped to Switzerland, where she currently runs a nursing home. Last year, she told a crowd of people at a Netflix panel:

"It was a beautiful life I have lived."

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