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In Bizarre Twist, School Superintendent Outed As 'Mystery Pooper' Is Now Suing The Town

In Bizarre Twist, School Superintendent Outed As 'Mystery Pooper' Is Now Suing The Town
Holmdel Police Department

It's one thing to defecate on and near the track of your own town's high school.

It's quite another to try and file suit against that town.

Thomas Tramaglini, the 43-year-old former superintendent of schools in Kenilworth, N.J. who was charged with littering and public defecation, is now suing the township of Holmdel "claiming police gave his mugshot to news outlets before he was criminally charged."

You can read our 2018 coverage of the storyhere.

Tramaglini, who pleaded guilty in October to defecating under the bleachers on school property on more than one occasion, is claiming police conspired to "harm and damage" him by releasing his mugshot to the press before he was formally charged.

Says the lawsuit:

"Tramaglini will never achieve the level of compensation, benefits and retirement pension income that he otherwise [would] if the unlawfully taken photographs of him had not been released into the media to satisfy the prurient interests of certain members of Holmdel Township Police Department and others they conspired with."

Or...he might not receive proper payment and status because of his habit of defecating on school property, but we guess a judge will have to decide that.

The suit continues:

"[Tramaglini] was forced to step down from his position as Superintendent of the Kenilworth Public Schools, ending his twenty-year career in public education, even before a disposition of the charges he faced, due to the negative media attention his case received."

Before he was caught, school officials were "finding human feces on or near the football field and track on a daily basis," according to Time magazine.

Upon being caught, Tramaglini told NJ.comthat he had "runner's diarrhea."

What's worse is that he seems to have started a trend.

There was a "mad pooper" in Colorado Springs, and a car pooper called the "bowel movement bandit" in Akron, Ohio and then of course the audition room pooper in NYC.

If he wins the suit, will we all be barred from making fun of all public poopers?

Serious questions.