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Pro-Trump Poll Watcher Cries 'Voter Intimidation' After She Was Called A 'Karen' By Democrats

Pro-Trump Poll Watcher Cries 'Voter Intimidation' After She Was Called A 'Karen' By Democrats
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In the wake of his defeat in the 2020 elections, President Trump and his team have been desperately trying to find a reason why the vote was tampered with.

Unfortunately for them, it seems the election was conducted with a standard and fair process, and no evidence has emerged of any widespread wrongdoing or fraud.

That hasn't stopped the Trump campaign for filing innumerable lawsuits, of course. In lieu of actual evidence, these lawsuits are often filled with laughably anecdotal hearsay and wild claims from Trump supporters.

In Michigan, for instance, a Republican poll challenger offered to the court in a sworn affidavit that she experienced "voter intimidation" after being called a "Karen" by Democratic challengers.

Though poll watchers and challengers are both trained and legally expected to refrain from mocking voters in any way, there is no such law protecting the watchers themselves.

While calling names isn't exactly cool behavior, "voter intimidation" probably doesn't apply since, obviously, the "Karen" in question was not a voter.

Others felt the woman's statement revealed that it was her own behavior that lead to the alleged "harassment:"

"As I attempted to challenge this process I was harassed by Democrat (sic) challengers. I was told 'go back to the suburbs Karen" and other harassing statements."
"The Democrat (sic) challengers would say things like 'Do you feel safe with this woman near you' and 'is this Karen bothering you?' I believe this was designed to intimidate me and obstruct me from observing and challenging."

President Trump's team has only managed to win one of the countless lawsuits he's filed. The successful lawsuit allowed poll watchers to stand closer to the table where the votes were being tallied.

Trump bragged about this as a massive victory and has been using it to continue fundraising money from his base.

Though the President claims this money will be used in legal battles to "win" the election, the fine print reveals most of it will be used to pay campaign debts.

Other "suspicious activity" reported by Republican poll watchers include a PA system being too loud, military personnel voting for Joe Biden, and staring from "union people."

White House spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany issued a statement, saying:

"These are real, and anyone who cares about transparency and integrity of the system should want this to proceed to the discovery phase."

It has become glaringly obvious that Joe Biden has won the Presidency and Republicans have no valid arguments for why President Trump is refusing to concede.