The National Museum of Poland recently decided to remove two photographs from its displayed collection due to their obscene nature. The photos were deemed "too scandalous" for public display.

What did they show? A woman eating a banana.

Of course, people all over Poland found the ban absolutely ridiculous, and decided to protest by posting photos of themselves eating bananas.

#BananaSelfies from all over Poland flooded Twitter, quickly turning the entire issue into #BananaGate.

Everywhere Polish people looked, they saw pictures of people with bananas.

Many people made jokes about the protest...

But, ultimately, the real reason for people's selfies was the needless censorship of art and harmful hyper-sexualization of women.

No matter where #BananaGate started, it couldn't be stopped.

Finally, after way more banana selfies than anyone ever suspected, the National Museum announced it would be reversing its decision.

The re-installation of the two banana photos is sure to bring comfort to the hundreds of Polish people who are now filled to the brim with potassium.

When people work together with bananas, we can truly accomplish great things!

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