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Police Respond To 911 Burglary Call Only To Find The Most Hilariously Unusual Culprit

Fred Icke / EyeEm / Getty Images /@WCSOOregon / Twitter

Hearing someone moving around in your home when you think you're alone is one of the scarier things in life.

Usually, it just turns out to be the house creaking, a pet or one of your family members who you didn't realize was there.

When the noises are coming from behind a locked door, though, it's a lot harder to convince yourself you were just hearing things.

An Oregon couple recently called 911 after hearing someone moving around in their bathroom, with the door locked.

They told dispatch that they could see shadows under the door, so there was definitely someone in there.

Washington County Sheriff's Office immediately sent multiple deputies to the couple's house, wanting to handle the situation as safely as possible.

Deputies even called for a K9 unit, K9 Atlas, to assist them.

As the deputies and K9 Atlas entered the house, they could hear noises from the bathroom but the "intruder" did not respond to them.

When Deputy Rodgers cleared the call with dispatch, he summed up the situation perfectly.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office also shared a video compiled from deputies' body cams, and it is hilarious.

Our pets have been warning us about the evils of robot vacuums since they were invented.

The pun game was strong with this one.

Apparently robot vacuums closing themselves in rooms is a pretty common thing.

Robot vacuums usually make our lives easier by doing a chore that most people can't stand doing.

They aren't supposed to make life more difficult by locking themselves in rooms!