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PHOTO: Pizza on Pineapple Pictures Twist Causes Twitter Explosion

PHOTO: Pizza on Pineapple Pictures Twist Causes Twitter Explosion

Twitter user @lykebutts of Colorado, a.k.a. "Dunny," a.k.a. Danny to his friends, loves his dog Leia and apparently loves pineapple pizza. When he randomly made a playful experimentation of the latter on Tuesday afternoon, he decided to share his culinary creation with his less than 800 Twitter followers. With just one tweet, Dunny suddenly found himself Internet famous.

It all began innocent enough, with just one photo and one inquisitive, perhaps subtly daring question: "How does this make you feel?"

Commence the Twitter Storm.

Let us start with something easy enough, with one person calling the role reversal of pineapple and pizza as a "game changer."

With over 4,000 comments, 106,000 retweets, and 261,000 likes as of this morning, and climbing, there was a whole lot of "feeling" going around in response to the image of baby pizza slices on a pineapple half.

One poor soul felt "triggered," and she is not alone.

Others experienced inexplicable rage at the sight of the monstrosity.

The History of the Great Pineapple on Pizza Debate

The Great Pineapple on Pizza Debate, referring to traditional Hawaiian pizza, has long been a subject of internet controversy since the topic was first posted in 2009. The Hawaiian Pizza was created in 1962 by Sam Panopoulous at the Satellite Restaurant in Toronto, Canada.

And this not the first time the debate has erupted all over the Twitterverse; it is not even the first time this year. Back in January another image was posted, and it became such a wide-spread meme that Time Magazine wrote a story about it.

Never has a pizza meme been so polarizing.

Some people found this week's new concept appealing to their appetite, including Dunny himself, with at least one person suffering a bit of delectable philosophical crisis:

"Look. If you give me. A pineapple slab. With melted cheese and tomato sauce on it. It is gone. It is already in my stomach. It is the Schrödinger's cat of food because when you offer it to me it is simultaneously in your hands and in my mouth."

Others did not feel as excited.

Some Tweeters sat back and enjoyed the show.

"I can’t describe how happy this pic makes me, if for nothing other than the discomfort it invokes. I mean you no ill will. However, I relish in the chaos caused by the polarizing subject of pineapple/pizza. This pic is now a grenade I send to people I want to irritate. Thank you."

Though perhaps the best part of all this has been the reactions of Dunny's friends.

Clearly, KReMBoH is wrong...

Things heated up when DiGiorno took notice.

It was a brilliant response from the pizza-making company. Someone give that social media minion a raise... or an extra slice.

And then Twitter itself reached out to Dunny.

But can Dunny handle the fame?

Clearly, he cannot.

But to settle the debate once and for all, chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay has a few choice words for anyone thinking of ordering pineapple pizza.

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