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P!nk Slams Government Over 'Travesty' Of Lack Of Tests After She And Her 3-Year-Old Son Recover From Virus

P!nk Slams Government Over 'Travesty' Of Lack Of Tests After She And Her 3-Year-Old Son Recover From Virus

Musician P!nk arrived on Instagram with some good news this past Saturday, April 4.

She and her son had officially recovered from the virus which has been spreading rapidly across the U.S.

In a lengthy post, she both thanked the medical professionals who nursed her family back to health and criticized the government's slow, incompetent response to the pandemic.

She updated fans on her and her family's health:

"Two weeks ago my three-year old son, Jameson, and I are were showing symptoms of [the viral pandemic]. Fortunately, our primary care physician had access to tests and I tested positive."
"My family was already sheltering at home and we continued to do so for the last two weeks following the instruction of our doctor. Just a few days ago we were re-tested and are now thankfully negative."

P!nk shared her thanks for those who helped her family.

"In an effort to support the healthcare professionals who are battling on the frontlines every day, I am donating $500,000 to the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in Philadelphia in honor of my mother, Judy Moore, who worked there for 18 years in the Cardiomyopathy and Heart Transplant Center. Additionally, I am donating $500,000 to the City of Los Angeles Mayor's Emergency [Pandemic] Crisis Fund."
"THANK YOU to all of our healthcare professionals and everyone in the world who are working so hard to protect our loved ones. You are our heroes!"

She then urged her fans to stay safe.

"These next two weeks are crucial: please stay home. Please. Stay. Home.❤️"

Many on Twitter, including the hospitals P!nk shouted out in her post, thanked the singer for her continued support.

P!nk was not shy when she called out President Trump's administration, saying:

"It is an absolute travesty and failure of our government to not make testing more widely accessible. This illness is serious and real. People need to know that the illness affects the young and old, healthy and unhealthy, rich and poor, and we must make testing free and more widely accessible to protect our children, our families, our friends and our communities."

P!nk's announcement that she would be donating a million dollars to health and safety related charities was also a source of joy for her fans.

P!nk was one of the lucky ones.

The virus left her and her family relatively unharmed, but she knows many aren't as fortunate.

She even responded to many of the people who expressed gratitude online.

Thanks to P!nk, many people who were in danger may now be saved.

In times of crisis, there are always helpers working to do their part.

P!nk's album Hurts 2B Human is available here.