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Piers Morgan Just Shut Down A Racist Preacher And His 'Vile Rhetoric' About Black Lives Matter

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan silenced controversial religious activist, Jesse Lee Peterson, after the guest spouted vitriolic comments towards the Black Lives Matter movement and comparing it to the KKK.

The controversial pastor and British television presenter Trisha Goddard were guests on the show via a video link to discuss Kanye West's recent declaration that 400 years of slavery was a choice. The pair clashed when Peterson defended West's comment and boldly denied the existence of racism.

They think they are suffering due to this phony idea of racism. We all know that there is no such thing as racism. Racism has never existed, it's a lie that's been made up by the liberals who are the children of the lie.

Goddard wasn't having any of his nonsense and argued that racism is still very prevalent today.

Let's get real here, there is racism. There is racism not just between blacks and whites, but all through, blacks against other blacks. Racism exists, to say that it's something someone made up is absolutely ridiculous. What do you think the KKK stands for then?

The debate took an unpleasant turn when Peterson equated Black Lives Matter with the KKK, leaving Goddard slack-jawed over his appalling statement.

The KKK is an 'evil organization, ' just like Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a far-left liberal, radical, agitative organization founded by a bunch of black lesbians and homosexuals and radical social justice warriors.

Yeah, we're shocked too, Trisha.(Metro)

Peterson's ridiculous claim is false, given the Ku Klux Klan's violent history of lynchings and murder to advance their agenda of American society purification. In contrast, the Black Lives Matter movement employs non-violent tactics to campaign against systemic racism in which some have died for the cause.

Morgan berated Peterson by telling him he was "now descending into completely unpleasant and frankly vile rhetoric."

I don't know why you think this is appropriate to say this on national television. But what you just said is completely unacceptable.

Morgan lashes out at the pastor while co-host Susanna Reid gives a disapproving look.


Peterson didn't have a chance to counter back as the former CNN host muted the microphone. Morgan told viewers he pulled the plug on the interview because Peterson was "spewing such unpleasant stuff."

We don't mind having a proper debate about this but when it descends into rampant homophobia you don't get to say anymore on this programme. You get your mic removed.

The morning show host addressed Peterson after his earned dismissal and asked him to contemplate against spreading violent rhetoric.

Mr. Peterson think about what you're thinking and saying here because I think a lot of black people in America think you and Kanye West spewing this stuff, it's causing them a massive disservice.

H/T - Metro, Twitter, Indy100


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