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Viral Photo Of Food Served Aboard Air Force One Has People Totally Weirded Out

Viral Photo Of Food Served Aboard Air Force One Has People Totally Weirded Out

GettyImages, @kvnpkrwrd/Twitter

The Air Force One chefs sure know how to serve up ghoulish delights for Halloween.

Tessa Berenson, a Time magazine White House correspondent, shared a snapshot of the spirited meal featuring a stuffed bell pepper carved out like a jack-o'-lantern to show that the AF1 culinary wizards were in the spirit.

But what is that misshapen morsel plopped onto the smaller plate?

People studied the unidentifiable mush from the viral photo.

People took a stab at guessing what it is.

Could it be a carb, a meat, or perhaps an organ to fit in with the spooky theme?

CNN's senior diplomatic correspondent Michelle Kosinski asked:

"Is it chicken n gravy, or scone n frosting? Is it black and pink, or yellow and white? A trick, or treat? America demands answers."

A handful of people found a pulse on the mystery.

Whose answer would you go with?

As if we already have enough division in our country.

If it is a baked good, its misshapen presentation makes it look unpalatable for something served on AF1.

This amateur cook was especially perplexed.

Speaking of stuffed peppers, the hue of this one looks oddly familiar..

Overall thoughts...

Since the culinary experts are known for their " legendary" cuisine, I'm sure all the items are delicious, regardless of their appearance on the tray.

But in all deference to the hard-working chefs, the menu offerings here consisting of a glazed scone (or chicken), undressed salad and a raw bell pepper that looks like something from a fourth grade art class, look more like a trick than it does a treat.

The book White House Cookbook, Revised and Updated Centennial Edition, available here, reintroduces the menu of a 19th century White House.

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