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Chasten Buttigieg Comes To Pete's Rescue After Interview About His Awkward Skin Care Routine Goes Viral

Running for President has kept South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg very busy.

So busy, it seems, that he doesn't have time for the high-quality skincare we all deserve!

During Cosmopolitan's "Candidates Come to Cosmo" series, Buttigieg was asked the signature question: What is your skincare routine?

His answer was ignorant enough to give Jonathan Van Ness a stroke.

It turns out most of Buttigieg's skincare routine involves soap and aftershave.

See the full exchange here:


When Buttigieg asks if that's bad, Jessica Pels, who's interviewing him, gives him the full lowdown.

"You're supposed to moisturize. You're running a campaign for president. I'm running a campaign for getting men to moisturize."

She sent the candidate home with some moisturizers to help him in the future.

But shortly after the interview was published, Buttigieg's husband, Chasten, responded with a tweet of his own.

Chasten would follow up his initial chastening with a few other reassurances.

Twitter was grateful someone was there to make sure Buttigieg is taking care of his skin.

Reading the story made many suspect Elizabeth Warren had a skincare plan for America.

There were some Twitter users who wished the story would disappear.

Some readers felt they could empathize with Buttigieg just a little too closely for comfort.

Skincare aficionados had to try and stay calm while reading the candidate's responses.

If only we still lived in a world where this was the biggest political story to be reporting on...

Remember, Pete: listen to your husband!

You may have a plan for the country, but he's got a plan for your skin.

You can moisturize like Mayor Pete with Kiehl's Facial Fuel with Sunscreen, available here.

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