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People Are Hilariously Trolling McConnell By Bombarding Him With $2,000 Venmo Requests

Tom Brenner/Getty Images

Many Americans are rather upset with Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's repeated attempts to block economic stimulus payments.

This ire only increased after the Kentucky Senator declared a recent bill passed in the House of Representatives that would have given Americans a $2000 payout had "no realistic path to quickly pass the Senate."

In response, some people started sending $2000 requests to the Senator directly via Venmo.

Some of the appellations users assigned to McConnell were quite creative too.

Some users started sending requests on other popular platforms–such as PayPal.

Some tried to be more fair, suggesting folks request $1400 to account for the $600 already on the way from the treasury.

Others took the opposite approach and requested $18,000 to account for the past 9 months since the first stimulus payment.

Several people have since reported being unable to find the Senator's account to send requests on these platforms.

While these attempts to get money from McConnell are almost guaranteed to fail (it is unclear whether the accounts on the payment platforms actually belong to the Senator), they certainly provided some much needed levity for people struggling to make ends meet who have lost faith in their elected representatives.