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Guy Breaks Guinness World Record For Putting People In Soap Bubbles, And It's Just As Bizarre As You Think

There's a world record for everything, and Guinness keeps meticulous records of each of them. For instance, did you know there was a world record for quickly putting people inside soap bubbles? Well, there is, and it was just broken by a man from North Carolina.

56-year-old Steven Langley had a dream: to break a world record by "putting the most number of people in a soap bubble in 30 seconds."

This apparently isn't Langley's first rodeo! He has previously broken six other world records, among them "most paddle balls controlled simultaneously by a person (7); longest hanging chain of soap bubbles (35); and most people making bubbles with garland wands simultaneously (317)."

Langley managed to break the record by putting 13 people inside bubbles within 30 seconds last November at the Huntersville Arts & Cultural Center in North Carolina.

Though literally no one has ever done better, some Twitter users were less than impressed.

Others were able to recognize Langley's achievement for what it was: a WORLD RECORD!

Perhaps the secret to getting a world record is just to do something no one has ever done before.

Guinness World Records/Facebook

Though few people were expecting to be impressed by fast bubbles today, Langley has done just that!

Guinness World Records/Facebook

Guinness World Records/Facebook

Guinness World Records/Facebook

Some people were already thinking of ways to beat Langley's record...

Guinness World Records/Facebook

Congratulations, Mr. Langley! You're officially one of the best bubble-makers in the world!

Guinness World Records/Facebook

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