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A Massive Crowd Of Penn State Students Held A Candlelight Vigil For A Taco Bell After It Closed, Because Why Not

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty Images, @barstoolsports/Twitter

College students and inexpensive food go together like blue skies and sunshine, like drag queens and sequins, like Taylor Swift and singing about lame dudes. As far as inexpensive fast-food goes, Taco Bell is considered to be the pinnacle by many an affordability aficionado.

So when Penn State lost the Taco Bell that the students and staff had known and loved for the last nine years, they felt that loss deeply. They felt it so deeply, in fact, that they needed to collectively mourn - with a candlelight vigil.

It sounds ridiculous, but have you ever been a broke college student? I have, and let me tell you Taco Bell was like a godsend, safe harbor in a storm, a 3 AM shoulder to cry on...sometimes literally, depending on how close you get with the late night cashier.

Taco Bell is out here sustaining college students like only a best friend can.

Penn State had nine beautiful years of taco time. When it came to an end, they opened their hearts for the world to see ... because tacos...

And Twitter was so here for it.

R.I.P. Penn State Taco Bell. Don't worry, it may take time, but those students will know late-night-cheap-food love again. Maybe they'll open a WaWa or something.