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GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Accidentally Started A Meme-Off After Pondering His Mortality In Quarantine

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images

After an attendee of CPAC, the annual convention for American conservatives, was confirmed to have COVID-19, several Republican lawmakers who encountered the individual put themselves on voluntary self-quarantine.

One of those lawmakers was GOP Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona.

Gosar himself had a unique way of processing the news, with a tweet admitting it made him think "about life and mortality."

Needless to say, the internet turned his tweet into an opportunity for a meme-off.

If the Congressman is interested in glorious battle, several Twitter users had a place he could find it.

Others just offered their own interpretation of Gosar's longing.

To live the life of a fighter...that's all Paul Gosar could wish for.

The battle goes on all over the world.

Gosar was surely inspired by these many images of great warriors.

In the end, however, Gosar gave us something truly beautiful: a new meme that will bring us joy for a day or so.

Several people online also used this opportunity to remind people of why they should vote Paul Gosar out of office.

Have fun in self-quarantine, Rep. Gosar! Hopefully it won't be as gruesome as the battles you envision yourself in.

You can have your own meme-off with the game What Do You Meme?, available here.