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Patrick Wilson Hilariously Responds After Fan Says He's Not Famous Despite Appearing In 'Millions Of Movies'

Patrick Wilson Hilariously Responds After Fan Says He's Not Famous Despite Appearing In 'Millions Of Movies'
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Fame is one of those things that either seems like the greatest thing ever (the fans, the love, the glamour!) or like absolute torment (ok but I can't even go get some fries in peace?) and there doesn't seem to be much in between. Plenty of people worldwide would love to act, perform, or create, but would love to do it without all that fame stuff.

Enter Patrick Wilson.

I'm going to guess at least 80% of you went "Who?"—and that's exactly our point. Wilson is one of those actors who manages to have an incredibly long and storied career while still having most people not know who he is by name.

Wilson, by the way, is this guy:

patrick wilson GIF by elCinema.comGiphy

Patricks IMDB is honestly overwhelmingly full.

Over fifty movie credits, multiple soundtrack credits, producer credits, a ridiculous number of appearances ... and still somehow almost nobody knows his name.

Which is something one fan on Twitter pointed out.

With hilarious results.

You'd think being in so many films and still having people not know who you are would be kind of a blow to your ego. Apparently, though, Patrick Wilson has a wicked sense of humor about his non-fame.

Digging through the comments we found this story from someone who worked with him and got to see the non-fame in action.

Eventually the tweet got around to Wilson himself.

We're guessing via his brother or some kind of elaborate warning system that goes off if too many people mention him by name. We don't know if that's a real thing or not but in our imaginations Patrick Wilson is totally sitting in his Pat Cave somewhere monitoring the dark web making sure his name isn't spoken aloud too many times lest some unspeakable evil be released.

And Patrick's response to the tweet kind of supports our imaginary scenario.

We don't know what your plan is, Not-Will-Arnett, but we're watching.

Just like we've watched all of your movies... however many there are. We asked Google and it said "at least 48."

This man is so good at flying under the radar that even Google doesn't know what he's actually up to. Now THAT'S talent.