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Texas Parents Outraged After Easter Bunny Accidentally Hands Out Condom-Stuffed Eggs At School

Texas Parents Outraged After Easter Bunny Accidentally Hands Out Condom-Stuffed Eggs At School
Patricia Marroquin/Getty Images

Last week, an Austin, Texas elementary school parent showed up to their kids' school dressed as the Easter bunny bearing gifts for the students.

They handed out Easter eggs filled with what they allegedly thought were age-appropriate treats. To everyone's surprise, the kids opened up the eggs to find an unusual filling.


A parent tweeted:

"A parent showed up at my kids' elementary school dressed as an Easter Bunny during pickup."
"He handed out eggs, mostly filled with candy."
"Some with unopened condoms."
"Not sure this is the Austin weird I signed up for."

Someone else remarked:

"This reads like an Onion article, how is this reality"

A parent had been providing a sex-safe presentation in costume at a clinic near the school before her stop at Gullett Elementary School.

When she arrived as a giant bunny, she was swarmed by youngsters and began to hand out treat-filled eggs. When her stash dwindled, she had her husband collect more eggs to hand out to the eager children.

Apparently, some of the eggs her husband retrieved were filled with some treats from her earlier presentation.

Or at least that's the story...

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One person commented:

"[T]his whole thing sounds hilarious ..."
"[C]an't imagine what everyone's so upset about unless it's having to talk about sex to their kids ..."
"[I]f they're old enough to know what a condom is, they deserve straight answers hope no one gets in trouble for what seems like an honest mistake."

The mistake, though apparently innocent, created quite the controversy in the Texas community.

One person wrote:

"This 'parent' should be permanently banned from the elementary school campus & their name should be disclosed to ALL other parents of the school."

When Texas attorney general candidate George P. Bush caught wind of the incident, he tweeted a message calling the actions "illegal."

He posted:

"Not only is this against the law, it’s disgusting."
"Radicalized leftist parents & school admins are out of control, attempting to exploit our children while in school."
"As AG, I’ll hold school districts accountable for their failures to protect our kids."

When it came to light the incident was an accident, many came to the parent's defense.

One person tweeted:

"Apparently nothing ruffles the feathers of Texas Republicans like Bush more than an unintentional mistaken distribution of condoms by a beleaguered Easter bunny!"

Someone else responded:

"With their abortion ban, those Texas parents should be grateful their kids are gaining an early awareness on family planning methods."

Of course, the incident, was not planned or approved by school officials.

After the incident, a spokesperson for the school district stated:

"We are working to review our safety protocols to ensure this does not happen again."

The mother was asked to leave the school premises, but she continued to hand out non-condom eggs off site.