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Olympic Swimmer Becomes True Internet Gold By Yelling 'F**k Yeah!' On Live TV After Her Win

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Sometimes you're way too excited to really control what comes out of your mouth.

Australian swimmer Kaylee McKeown, who won the gold medal in women's 100-meter backstroke (and also set a new Olympic record while getting her medal), was completely over the moon when she was approached by a reporter.

The reporter asked McKeown: "What would you like to your mother and your sisters for now?" To which she replied:

"F**K YEAH!"

Both she and the reporter start laughing as soon as they know what happened.

Then McKeown gasped, tried to correct herself, and then gave a steady "Woo!" to round out the interview.

The moment has made McKeown, as one user put it, an "instant legend."

McKeown's 100-meter backstroke was completed in 57.47 seconds, and the time to beat was 57.6 seconds. Folks noted that if they'd broken that record, they'd probably swear too.

May this inspire you to have unbridled joy when you are celebrating your own accomplishments.