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Olympic Champion Slammed For Calling Her Maskless Trip To Store A 'Little Exercise In Being Brave'

Olympic Champion Slammed For Calling Her Maskless Trip To Store A 'Little Exercise In Being Brave'
Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Some public figures are doing poorly at modeling mask-wearing in public.

Kerri Walsh Jennings, a three-time Olympic volleyball gold medalist, became the latest person to receive backlash after she claimed that she was "woken up" to the lies of mask use.

In an Instagram post, Jennings detailed a "little exercise in being brave," where she went grocery shopping without a mask on.

She justified her actions in the post:

"I read a quote the other day that shook me - - THIS HAS NOT BEEN ENFORCED, IT'S BEEN CONSENTED TO."
"This statement woke me up & the truth of it has had me obsessing on the matter of how I can mindfully & compassionately stand up for my rights & for the freedoms our constitution has granted us all WITHOUT being reckless or putting anyone else in danger."

She continued:

"We are all endlessly complaining about the restrictive & arbitrarily selective rules that we are being strongly 'suggested' to follow & yet we are all consenting; Not much of a fight, just a lot of complaining & strongly disagreeing with this manipulation, but we keep consenting."
"It's maddening. It has crushed our society, people's livelihoods, our children's spirits, & the fabric of our world."

She added:

"We have become a country & a world estranged from each other & it is more deeply unhealthy than any virus could ever be."
"I know people are getting sick & many have gone to Heaven. I have lived through a lot of loss in my family, in my life."
"I cherish life. I would never downplay the impact of a single loss of life.
"That is it's own conversation & my heart goes out to all those suffering poor health, the loss of a loved one and the fear that the reaction to & media coverage of [the pandemic] has created in your days."

Many feel the concern she claimed to feel is negated by her lack of mask.

Jennings quickly followed up with an apology.

She wrote:

"To those I've upset so deeply, I am sorry."
"I am not advocating for people to stop wearing masks. I wear a mask most often."
"I don't believe in their efficacy unless it's of a certain caliber, yet I wear them. I am advocating critical thinking and civility."

Jennings' apology may go amiss, though, as outbreaks continue across the country.