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Re-Opened Office Called Out For Tone-Deaf 'Bet Your Dog's Missing You' Sign For Returning Workers

Re-Opened Office Called Out For Tone-Deaf 'Bet Your Dog's Missing You' Sign For Returning Workers
LWA via Getty Images

It has officially been two years since the United States was forced to mostly shutter its economy due to the outbreak of COVID-19, which largely changed the boundaries of our lives.

Many went from living our lives primarily in a commute and in an office to being at home all the time. But now, as time has gone on and it's gotten safer to resume old practices, some employers are bringing their workers back to the office.

And one company in particular is making sure people come back with insult added to injury before they even start work.

People were absolutely perplexed by the choice of campaign.

"I know they’re trying to be funny. But yes, I miss my sweatpants and of course my dog misses me! How rude!" one Redditor wrote, in response to the photo being posted on r/Antiwork.

Others were more confused about how this was supposed to help people be excited to be back.

"I don't think that's funny. I think it's rubbing it in."

The posters came from an office building in downtown Toronto: Waterpark Place, which is managed by Oxford Properties and contains several businesses within. The signs were at the behest of a campaign by the management company.

"Unfortunately, in an attempt to be lighthearted the signage came off as uncaring, which was never our intention. The signage clearly missed the mark and was removed last week as a result," Oxford Properties' said.

"The campaign should have not made it into production and we sincerely apologize to any customers, colleagues and members of the public that were offended."

The signs serve as a reminder that the "Great Resignation" rages on--as people across the globe quit their jobs in search of more livable working conditions.

And signs reminding people that their work/life balance is off? Well, that seems to be a way to make sure more people resign.