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NYPD Officers Offer Mind-Numbing Response After Student Calls Them Out For Not Wearing Mandated Masks


The NYPD have not had a good history of wearing masks. They even drew criticism from New York State Governor Cuomo during the Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd's murder in early June.

It would appear, however, the NYPD has not fully learned their lesson and are continuing to shirk mask-wearing, as one student caught on video after deciding to call them out.

Mihai Ciocan confronted the officers in a Brooklyn subway (MTA) station after seeing they were not wearing their masks.

Referencing the $50 fine the NYC MTA has imposed for not wearing a mask, Ciocan approached the officers and asked:

"Does the fine apply to just me or you guys if you don't wear a mask?"

One officer then dismissed Ciocan, calling him the "male version of a Karen."

"All right, Karen. You're like the male version of Karen."
"Have a nice day ... Take care, Karen."

Ciocan told Pix11:

"I actually thought I would get, you know, a logical explanation."
"I got called a male Karen. I wasn't even offended by it, it was just shocking."
"You don't expect someone with a gun to call you that."

The police officers, who have not been identified, are just two of many who continue to flout mask-wearing mandates in the city of New York.

Hopefully this video will put some much needed accountability on them.