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Norway Just Epically Slammed The U.S. As 'Poorly Developed' In An Urgent Message To Students Studying Abroad

Roland Magnusson / EyeEm via Getty Images // Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Under the administration of President Donald Trump, the United States has—once again—become a cautionary tale for the rest of the globe.

The latest embarrassment came with the Trump administration's response to COVID-19, the latest strand of coronavirus currently spreading through the United States at an alarming rate.

The Trump administration's bungled response to the pandemic was laid bare in guidance from Norway's University of Science and Technology, in which students studying abroad in the United States were advised to return home.

Another alert said:

"In line with the advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I, as NTNU's Rector, strongly recommend that all NTNU students who are outside Norway return home."
"This applies especially if you are staying in a country with poorly developed health services. This also applies for countries with poorly developed collective infrastructure, for example the USA, where it can be difficult to get transport to the airport if you don't have a car. The same applies if you don't have health insurance."

The United States has seen widespread closures of schools, public gatherings, and offices in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus after Donald Trump spent weeks dismissing its threat as a media attempt to undermine his presidency.

People weren't enthusiastic about the United States' latest example—or lack thereof.

Some commended the effort.

The President has yet to tweet about the guidance.