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'The Daily Show' Just Destroyed Ted Cruz After He Tried To Mock Trevor Noah On Twitter

Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Noam Galai/Getty Images

The ongoing feud between Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and comedian Trevor Noah continues on Twitter.

After Twitter announced a new feature to monitor potential cyber-bullying, Trevor Noah cracked a joke at Cruz's expense on The Daily Show.

Needless to say, Cruz was watching and did not enjoy what he saw.

Cruz responded with a somewhat confusing bit of shade, comparing Noah to Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction.

Noah, who has a little more experience when it comes to comedy, responded with a question referencing Cruz's continued fealty to his former rival Donald Trump.

Twitter couldn't help but eagerly watch the feuding factions, though it was worth remembering one of them is an entertainer and one is a Republican lawmaker.

Many wondered what Ted Cruz was thinking, attempting a battle of wits against a professional comedian.

Of course, Cruz's chances of winning a Twitter fight in the eyes of the public were always low.

Noah predictably scooped up his fair share of accolades for the burn.

The insults between these two public figures will likely continue, with Cruz likely coming out on the bottom of any exchange involving clever retorts.