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Fox Business Host Tries to Explain Away Donald Trump's Latest Lie About a Call From the Chinese, and Joe Walsh Is Over It

Fox Business Host Tries to Explain Away Donald Trump's Latest Lie About a Call From the Chinese, and Joe Walsh Is Over It
Fox Business Network


President Donald Trump has made over 12,000 "false statements" since his inauguration in 2017, according to the Washington Post. The President's penchant for lying is well-known to the American public—except to those who won't acknowledge it.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney seems to be one of those people.

During an interview with Tea Party Republican challenger to Trump, former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, Varney challenged Walsh to name one lie told by the President. Things quickly went south from there.

Watch below:

Walsh responded to Varney's challenge with a lie from yesterday: the President's claim that "high level phone calls" were made to China, indicating progress between the two countries in regards to trade. According to his staff, Trump falsely claimed this in order to create optimism for an end to his trade war with China in hopes that it would boost markets.

Varney insisted to an exasperated Walsh that this was not a lie, spurring Walsh to ask:

"Stuart, do you believe this President lies?"

Varney responded:

"No...he exaggerates and spins."

Walsh was incredulous, asking, "Do you believe he's ever told the American people a lie?"


Varney's blatant denial hearkened back to a similar exchange between Trump campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo earlier this week, in which McEnany also refused to acknowledge that the President had ever lied to the American people.

People were astonished at Varney's faith in the President.

Varney could get a number of recent Trump lies from CNN fact checker Daniel Dale's Twitter feed alone.

The denial is real.


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