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New Jersey Corrections Officer Suspended And FedEx Employee Fired After Mocking George Floyd's Death In 'Hateful' Video


There is an old adage that says "When people show you who they are, believe them."

Several people over the course of the past two weeks since the death of George Floyd have fulfilled that adage and society has made it clear that there is no space for that point of view going forward.

A Black Lives Matter protest in Franklinville, New Jersey on Monday was antagonized by a group of men with an "All Lives Matter" sign and a "Trump/Pence" re-election canvas stretched over the back window of a pick-up truck.

The method of antagonization?

The "counter-protestors" re-enacted the murder of George Floyd in front of protestors, while yelling:

"This is what happens—comply with the cops. He's dead because he didn't comply."

Twitter was quickly able to find out just who the antagonists were and where they worked:

And soon, the DeMarco brothers found themselves without jobs.

Jim DeMarco was "immediately removed" from his work duties at FedEx while they conduct an investigation according to a response the shipping giant posted. The company later released a statement stating DeMarco was fired and that FedEx "holds its team members to a high standard of personal conduct, and we do not tolerate the kind of appalling and offensive behavior depicted in this video."

Meanwhile, the other brother, Joe DeMarco—who works in the criminal justice system as a corrections officer with the New Jersey Department Of Corrections—was "suspended and banned" from NJDOC facilities for the foreseeable future while an investigation is conducted.

However, due to the nature of the video, people are demanding that further action, including firing DeMarco and a thorough examination of his caseload as a corrections officer, should be undertaken.

It seems that the process of bad actors making themselves known has only just begun.

In the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda, "history has its eyes on you."