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New Homeowner Buys House In Maryland, Only To Find Previous Owner's Dead Body Inside

NBC 4 Washington

A homeowner in Maryland got an unexpected surprise when they moved into their new home.

After winning their house at a foreclosure auction, the new owner discovered the body of the previous tenant inside.

They discovered the corpse last Saturday in the house located in the District Heights area of Maryland. No signs of foul play were found.

It was unclear how long the person had been dead.

A neighbor of the previous owner provided some details to NBC. They said that the person was a woman with special needs, who had been living in the house with her grandmother.

"As we grew up into adults, she never grew up. So she needed help with things and didn't process things as well as an adult would, even though she was an adult."

After the grandmother passed away, the neighbors made sure she was taken care of, bringing her food and giving her rides. She had a caretaker, but when they stopped showing up to the house it was assumed the woman moved or was taken in by her family.

Soon after, the utilities were shut off.

The neighbor expressed shock about her fate.

"If we knew that she was still in there, we would have at least knocked on the door. We would have at least asked her, 'Is everything OK?'"

The case is certainly an interesting one and folks provided interesting commentary.

The deceased woman's body is now undergoing autopsy, as authorities want to know how exactly she died. Hopefully, the people who knew her will find closure.