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Trump Rails Against 'Never Trumper' Republicans As 'Human Scum' In Unhinged Twitter Rant

Trump Rails Against 'Never Trumper' Republicans As 'Human Scum' In Unhinged Twitter Rant

Trump attacked Republicans who don't support him as "human scum" that are "worse" than Democrats in an angry Twitter rant on Wednesday.

Seemingly taking aim at Republicans like Mitt Romney who have criticized his actions or have yet to show allegiance to him during the current impeachment inquiry, Trump tweeted out:

"The Never Trumper Republicans, though on respirators with not many left, are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our Country than the Do Nothing Democrats. Watch out for them, they are human scum!"

But his vitriol for the "Never Trump" crew didn't stop there.

He later continued his attacks, this time focusing his wrath on acting Ukraine Diplomat Bill Taylor. The Trump appointee gave testimony before the House committees heading the impeachment probe on Tuesday that Trump actively sought quid pro quo during his call with Ukraine's president.

Trump also blasted Taylor's attorney, John Bellinger.

He then put his administration on blast for hiring the "Never Trumpers" in the first place.

People weren't too impressed with Trump's dehumanizing attacks on members of his own political party.


A Democrat speaking that way would never fly, many argued.

Although one Never Trumper responded with an unequivocal "come at me bro" for the President.

The Twitter meltdowns are not a good look, President Trump.


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