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Natalie Portman Is Having Absolutely None Of Moby After He Claimed That They Once Briefly Dated

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Musician Moby tried to brag about an unlikely romance he had with actress Natalie Portman — but it ended up backfiring.

Portman fired back after strange quotes from Moby's book circulated in the press about their supposed romance. Moby wrote that Natalie once flirted with him in a dressing room, but the actress swiftly clapped back, calling his behavior "creepy."

Even worse: Moby claimed she was 20 at the time but Portman since clarified she was fresh out of high school.

It's beyond awkward for Moby to publish such a strange claim.

Here's the Moby-tea Natalie spilled to Harper's Bazaar:

"I was surprised to hear that he characterized the very short time that I knew him as dating. "Because my recollection is a much older man being creepy with me when I just had graduated high school."


Weird excerpts from Moby's book are going viral on Twitter.

People weren't pleased to hear about Moby's creepy vibes.

Moby is getting totally dragged on social media right now.

Moby's weird behavior inspired women to talk about their experience with creepy dudes.

But other weird Moby facts also came out of the situation...

While Moby hasn't responded to all the negative publicity surrounding his book release, it's fair to say Natalie Portman won't be picking up a copy.

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