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News Of 'Florida Man' Climbing Naked On The Back Of A Flat Bed Truck Sparks Hilarious Theories

News Of 'Florida Man' Climbing Naked On The Back Of A Flat Bed Truck Sparks Hilarious Theories

It's always, always Florida.

People on the internet are absolutely losing it over a news story about a naked Florida man being caught climbing onto the back of a flat bed semi-truck on Interstate 75 near the city of Sarasota.

It happened during rush-hour when a late-afternoon rain storm began slowing traffic. Suddenly, drivers noticed a naked man running alongside the freeway.

Soon enough, he was climbing up on the flat bed of semi-truck that was stopped in the center lane, as seen below.

Only in Florida...

There are of course two rational resonses to seeing a naked man running down a freeway and climbing a semi-truck—take pictures and videos for social media or call 911.

Witnesses did both and before long the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office was on the scene. They took the man into protective custody and transported him to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Sheriff's spokesman Douglas Johnson explained:

“While we don’t know what may have precipitated this man’s actions, it’s apparent that he was exhibiting abnormal behavior."

Seems like the greatest understatement of the year so far! Thankfully, the man was unharmed during both the incident and the intervention.

Johnson went on to say:

"This was a very dangerous situation for the man and the motorists traveling the interstate at that time. We’re thankful we were able to resolve the situation safely."

On Twitter, the incident of course cause plenty of people's attention and they couldn't help but chuckle at yet another bizarre "Florida Man" incident.

And for some, the man physically reminded them of a certain Florida resident.

Be careful down there in Florida.

You just never know what you're going to encounter.