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MTG Has Eyes Rolling By Demanding DOJ Investigate 'Hate Crime' After Sign Was Taken Off Wall

MTG Has Eyes Rolling By Demanding DOJ Investigate 'Hate Crime' After Sign Was Taken Off Wall

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene accused a congressional staff member of vandalizing a sign outside her office and called on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate what she referred to as a "hate crime."

A sign outside Greene's office which reads, "There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE ...Trust The Science!" was vandalized earlier this year, prompting Greene to later put up a sign accusing Tim Hysom, the Chief of Staff to Massachusetts Democrat Jake Auchincloss, of vandalizing it.

But now both signs have been vandalized and Greene recorded herself lashing out at the unknown vandals for continuing what she referred to as a trend of "lawlessness" in Congress.

You can hear what she said in the video below.

Greene claimed that the sign was Hysem's "arrest warrant," saying that Hysom has been "attacking this sign" because he "can’t take the fact that there’s only two genders, male and female." She said that her signs keep being vandalized "because they hate my faith, they hate my religion, and they hate the fact that I’m a woman" and the DOJ "is not going to prosecute them."

She later uploaded two more videos in which she said that there is "lawlessness" in Congress and that the DOJ "is completely terrible, they don’t prosecute crime.”

Green later suggested that the DOJ is “more interested in political persecution,” referencing those who've been arrested for their participation in the January 6 insurrection and whom Greene has publicly defended to the point of visiting participants in jail.

Greene's claims have been widely mocked.

Earlier this year, Greene melted down after someone vandalized her transphobic "TWO genders" sign, referring to the culprits as "crazy and deranged." At the time, she claimed that the vandalism backs her belief that there are "criminals roaming the halls of Congress" and said that the sign has been vandalized at least six times.

Greene suggested that her Christian faith had been attacked, recalling that a vandal had written a Bible verse on one of her signs. The vandal, she said, had attached a note admonishing Greene, writing that "True disciples of Christ don't say the things you say, act the way you act, and treat people the way you treat people."

Greene said these incidents have made her feel unsafe, so much so that she asked the United States Capitol Police as well as the House Sergeant at Arms to install security cameras outside her office "so that I can feel safe."

A visibly annoyed Greene said that she's made the request several times but was told the threats against her have not met the threshold to require additional security, for which she blamed, without presenting evidence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.