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Movie theater seating is often the least-fun part of going to see a movie; especially in older theaters.

Seats tend to be on the smaller side and they're packed in so close that there isn't room to stretch your legs.

One Swiss theater has the best solution to this problem: actual beds.

Cinema Pathé has a variety of innovative and comfortable seating in their theaters. This includes the recently opened "VIP Bedroom" in Spreitenbach.

In lieu of the traditional cramped seating, it has 11 double beds. Tickets cost 49 francs (about $48.50), but it seems especially worth it when you consider that the ticket cost includes food, drink and the ability to watch a movie in the height of comfort.

According to local news source 20 Minuten, the headboards of the beds are controlled electronically so you can get the perfect viewing angle.

The CEO of Pathé Switzerland, Venazio Di Bacco, explained that all of the beds are remade after every show, so viewers will always have clean sheets.

"The hygiene aspect is very important to us."

There is also a children's theater with giant beanbag chairs, as well as a slide and a ball pit!

Another theater has comfy couches and couch-beds.

Di Bacco talked about the motivation for the different theater designs.

"We want to offer both existing and new customers something innovative."

They also expanded their food menu to add variety. Guests can order typical theater snacks like popcorn and soda, as well as more unique offerings like crepes and waffles.

People were super excited on social media.

Some were wondering why they weren't available in their own country.

Some people didn't think they would be able to stay awake.

Quite a few people were concerned about hygiene and the activities that folks get up to on beds in the dark.

Given that the CEO said sheets are changed between shows, hygiene should be a non-issue.

The ability to have food and drink delivered and watch movies on a giant movie screen from a comfy bed seems like it's worth the risk.

Unfortunately, if you're not in Switzerland the experience might be out of reach. You could always try re-creating the experience at home with good snacks and a projector, though.

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