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Move Over Coffee Cup—Someone Left A Plastic Water Bottle In The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale

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Warning: There are MAJOR spoilers ahead if you have not seen Sunday's Game of Thrones series finale.

Someone in the editing room of Game of Thrones does not understand the concept of leaving Easter eggs. Easter eggs are hidden homages bearing significance, but unless what they were going for was environmental protection, that's not what has been going on with GoT lately.

Were on-set crew members phoning it in as they were preparing to close up shop after eight seasons?

Now that we all managed to move on past #cupgate, the name for the situation in which a modern day coffee cup was left in a GoT scene, a new beverage cup made its debut to close out the series.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted a plastic water bottle in Westerosi capital next to Samwell Tarly's leg .

Fans filmed their TV screens at the jarring object that embarrassingly passed under the radar on set and in the editing room.

Twitter user @bethisloco was one of the first to post the gaffe online.

"A water bottle in King's Landing!! #got #gameofthrones," she wrote.

Rather than throwing a tantrum, however, viewers were amused by the anachronistic drinking vessel.

Seriously, whatever happened to on-set integrity?

Who is ultimately responsible?

The kicker is, there was another water bottle in the scene!

Fans seemed to be more disappointed about how HBO's juggernaut of a series had gone out with a whimper.

After HBO was alerted to Daenerys's Starbucks cup in episode 4, the premium network channel digitally removed the objectionable object from the scene.

The water bottle will probably be the next to go, but at this point, it's too little too latte.

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