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Moth Memes Are Now A Viral Trend--And We're Drawn Like Moths To A Flame πŸ”₯

Credit: Twitter/@sophmilone

The relationship between moth and lamp is one of the great romances of Earth's history.

Earlier this week the internet was gifted a photograph of a moth drinking a sleeping bird's tears.

It's only right then that Twitter users have decided to rewrite the love story for the modern age – by making it into a meme.

Here are 11 more gripping chapters to the tale of bug and bulb.

1. Highway of dreams

2. A sexty seduction

3. The moth's dream board in Wheel of Fortune

4. The romance begins

5. A moth's taxi request

6. Blinded by love

7. Mothhouse Van Houten

8. Insomnia

9. A tale of two studios

10. A hidden shame

11. Flapping in a new direction

Even if you feel like you just wasted your time looking at pointless moth memes, it's probably a whole lot more enjoyable than all that real world drama going on today, right?