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Woman Claims Moon Was Never In The Sky During The Day When She Was Growing Up—And Yikes

A TikTok conspiracy theorist was roasted on Twitter after claiming the moon has never been in the sky at the same time as the sun until recently—and that it must be a Biblical sign.

Screenshots from videos posted by TikToker @user5414816122495

A TikToker was relentlessly mocked for a video in which she declared the sun and the moon were never in the sky at the same time during broad daylight when she was growing up.

The woman, who goes by @user5414816122495 on TikTok, shared her very different recollection of the stratosphere in a clip on the social media platform.

"When I grew up, the sun came up, rose, and the moon went down. They didn't exist in the sky at the same f'kn' time, man" she said of her less-than-stellar observation.

It never somehow occurred to her that the moon is above the horizon about 12 hours out of every 24, and the visibility of the moon during the day can vary depending on the brightness of the sun.

The TikTok clip was shared by the ChudsOfTikTok Twitter account with the caption:

"I just can't."

The woman rambled while going out for a walk in the daytime after she showed the moon being faintly reflected by the sunlight.

She continued:

"You couldn't see the sun, I mean the moon, at twelve 'o clock in the evening."
"I don't know what I'm missing here but it wasn't like that back in my day growing up."
"This was the first thing I started noticing, something just kept telling me, 'Look up.'"
"This is how my awakening had started. For some reason I just got real curious in paying attention to the sky."

After sensing something was off after witnessing the moon "for the first time around 1 p.m., and the sun directly next to it," she mentioned it to her husband who informed her:

"Oh, it's always been like that."

But she insisted that wasn't the case.

Seeing there was no rational explanation for the newly-discovered phenomena, she invoked scripture and said:

"The Bible directly says 'There'll be signs in the heavens.' I don't believe in them type of coincidences."

She then asked viewers if there ever was a time they saw the moon and the sun at the same time around 1 p.m. or if she was just being "f'king delusional."

Twitter users weren't quite sure if this person was for real.

One had difficulty getting through to the end.

Others made wisecracks.

The ChudsOfTikTok Twitter account informed followers that the woman's TikTok video has been removed.

In a new video, the embattled TikToker raised hell in response to being forced to remove her video after it was shared on Twitter.

"You got nothing better to do than go share someone's sh*t on another social media thing?" she griped.

"I do not need you to agree with me. But, this is the only social media I have. The only one."

She said she only used TikTok because her "children are on other ones."

The clip ended with her saying:

"Other platforms are fake f'kn bullsh*t. That's probably why you're on 'em."
"Do not share my sh*t on other f'kn platforms."

She was reminded that what is shared on the internet is not sacred.

And when a user tried to defend the woman and asked ChudsOfTikTok why they would be "contributing to the possible teasing/bullying of her children?" the account replied with a list of points.

In response to all the drama this has caused, ChudsOfTikTok sarcastically remarked:

"I keep saying we should just delete the internet, but no one listens."

They added in another tweet response:

"This level of lost in conspiracies mentality makes up like 5-6% of the population at this point & it's honestly a problem."