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Mom's Secret Plot To Buy A Parrot Is Truly The Stuff Of Legend

Mom's Secret Plot To Buy A Parrot Is Truly The Stuff Of Legend

A woman wanted a parrot as a companion so badly, she enlisted her daughter to embark on a stealth quest to retrieve one for her at all costs. Why a parrot? Well, why not?

Writer Noor (@Himynameisnoor) tweeted a play-by-play of the unusual exchange she had with her mother who happened to be at home and desperately needing a feathered pet.

Noor began the epic thread by declaring her mother was simply mad in Saturday's tweet.

Thread. My mum is absolutely mad. This conversation just happened over the phone. I'm in my room upstairs, and she's downstairs.

History reveals Noor's mum has a thing for birds.

This wasn't going to bode well for some of the household members who are allergic to birds.

I'm going to try and talk her out of this. It's ludicrous, we have two people in the house who might be allergic AND A CAT. Will keep this thread updated.

Her strange anecdote was amped-up with some visual aid in continuation of the story. Because suddenly, her mum wanted more than one parrot and outed herself as a pathological liar with her outrageous demand. When words aren't enough, GIFs are the way to go.

The unwilling accomplice admitted that her mum had begged for a parrot addition to the family for years.

You don't understand. We've been having this bird argument for a decade now. My mum has been fighting to get birds in the house for YEARS. There's 11 of us, and half of the fam have always protested. I tried to talk sense to her but she's gone full rogue.

So what happens now?

The family waits for the patriarch to come home. When he finally does arrive, we find out the truth about his feelings about birds.

Looks like mum got her way. Will there be a sequel involving chickens? Or a bad case of a bird flu outbreak?

People related to the madness.

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