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Mom Floored After Another Parent Calls Her 'C*nty' Via Text For Wearing Pride Shirt To Soccer Game

TikToker @ali.momof3 took the high ground after a parent at her son's soccer game insulted her for wearing Pride attire.

Screenshots from TikTok videos

It's Pride month and as such we expect to see a lot of amazing support for the LGBTQ+ community. However, we also expect to see a lot of hate as well.

One mom found that hate in a somewhat unexpected place—her child's soccer game.

In her TikTok video, the mother of three who uses Unapologetically Me as her account name—@ali.momof3—discussed how while she was watching her son's soccer game, she overheard another parent making comments about the Pride shirt she was wearing.

She ignored the comments and instead focused on her child's game. However, after the game ended, she received a text message in her group chat that floored her.

You can see the video about the incident here:


#Karen and #Ken texted the #teamgroupchat and put themselves on blast hating on me. So we got some retail therapy @target #hatersgonnahate #rude #homophobic🤢 #happypride #lgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #Target

The group text message said:

"Not a surprising development... but c*nty mom showed up to practice decked out in her proud pride 🌈 gear."


Unapologetically Me called the woman out on her ignorant comment.

The woman who sent the text to the other 14 parents in the team's group chat immediately blamed her husband and talk to text for the message. Unapologetically Me decided to let the incident go so the team's group chat would remain focused on soccer.

However, she did say in her TikTok that they headed to Target to buy more pride gear.

"Naturally, we headed to Target to prepare for Saturday's game,"

In a follow up video, she showed the private apology text she received for the comment where the other mom again blamed her husband.

"I just wanted to personally apologize. I am horrified by my husband's comment."
"My husband and I have very different opinions and beliefs in that aspect."
"I would never put that in a message intentionally and have no idea how my phone was unlocked and able to do that."

You can see the follow up video here:


Replying to @phaniedee13 she "apologized" privately too but I respectfully declined to waste any of my energy responding to her. #hatersgonnahate #lgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #cuntymom #soccermomdrama #homophobic🤢

The comments on her videos were very supportive.


People also poked holes in the woman's excuse.

Message sent to the wrong recipient(s) was believable, but talk to text adding ellipses and emojis?








Unapologetically Me shared her thanks for the support she received.

Unapologetically Me also added a duet with NYC drag queen Captain Wonder with what she should have said.

WARNING: NSFW language

While the rude comments don't exactly surprise anyone because there are still too many entitled, emboldened anti-LGBTQ+ people in this country, it still is somewhat shocking she—or her husband—made their comment in such a public setting as a children's soccer team group chat.

Hopefully the backlash the woman got from this situation makes her think twice the next time she has something rude and hateful to say.