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Mom Left In Stitches After Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Draws A Picture Of A Thistle For Her Teacher That Looks Like, Well, A Giant Penis

Mairi Orchardson/SWNS.COM

A mom was left in stitches after her five-year-old daughter drew a thistle for her teacher to celebrate Burns Night – and it looked suspiciously like a massive phallus.

Little Aila Devaney had learned about poet Robert Burns in school and decided to make her teacher a special collage of a thistle to celebrate the bard.

But when she presented her mom Mairi Orchardson with the finished drawing, she couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Aila had drawn the plant, and added two round leaves at the base of the flower - complete with a big purple circular flower made from tissue paper, at the top.

Mairi Orchardson/SWNS.COM

Mairi said she noticed right away that the sketch of Scotland's national flower "looked more like a penis" than a thistle.

Aila, from Dundee, Scotland, handed the drawing over to her teacher on Friday, and is obviously none the wiser as to why it made her mom - and her teacher - giggle.

Katielee Arrowsmith/SWNS

Mom-of-four Mairi, 35, said:

"It really doesn't look like a thistle and I found it really funny. It is supposed to be a thistle with two leaves."
"She has no idea what it actually looks like, bless her. I found it hilarious because it looks like a penis."
"Aila is very creative and loves to draw. She always makes gifts to give to her teachers. She is very innocent and doesn't have a clue."

Mairi Orchardson/SWNS.COM

Aila was learning about Robert Burns during class last week in the run up to Burns Day on Saturday.

Stay-at-home mom Mairi jokingly asked Aila's teacher if she liked her daughter's drawing when she picked her up from school at the end of the day.

Mairi Orchardson/SWNS.COM

Mairi said:

"We had a joke about it. She found it funny too."