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Guy's Story Of Getting His Prostate Checked Out As A Child In Front Of His Dad Is As Awkward As They Come

Guy's Story Of Getting His Prostate Checked Out As A Child In Front Of His Dad Is As Awkward As They Come

There are some dates in life we will never forget.

The September 11th attacks will forever be one of those dates for many people.

But for one young man, 9/11 is doubly upsetting and unforgettable.

"This actually happened on September 11th 2001 and the memory has just came back to me," wrote Redditor "Finger_in_mah_butt."

You might hazard a guess that his username has something to do with his awkward experience.

In the "Today I F'd Up" subReddit, the original poster talked about the regrettable words that came out of his mouth as an eleven-year-old during his prostate exam while his father was in the room.

"Here is a little background leading up to the f**k up," wrote the OP.

"I was 11 years old and began to have really bad pains around my lower back. Went to the doctor and x-rays confirm that I was having a kidney stone."
"Doctors thought it was highly unusual for an 11 year old to have kidney stones so they made me an appointment with a specialist."
"Fast forward a week later, 9/11, I return to a specialist doctor so they could check me out and run more tests."
"So, my dad and I are waiting in the room waiting for the doctor, playing 'I spy' or something, and they doctor walks in. He tells us that he wants to check my prostate to see if there is anything unusual going on."
"My dad consented and then I was told to drop my pants."
"The doctor puts on his gloves, gets the lube ready and then it was go time. The doctor then checks my prostate, feeling all around to determine is there was anything unusual."
"Here is where the f**k up comes."


"While the doc is doing his thing, I look straight into my dads eyes and say 'wow this feels good.' My dad just looks at me with a blank stare."


"At the time I didn't think anything of the comment but now looking back, i'm not sure who felt more uncomfortable, my dad or the doctor who was still conducting the test."
"I cringe every time I think about this now."

It would be a date he will never forget.

"This. It's going to be even more awkward when people ask his father 'where were you on 9/11?'" – Orome2
"Think about OPs kids. Come home one day from school 'dad we learned about 9/11 today! You were my age when it happened, what do you remember?'" – DigitalSterling
"A September 11 year old story for the ages" – lunchbox_6

Who was the most uncomfortable from the comment?

Dad or doctor?

"Definitely your dad, it's not even close." – winespring
"I feel like doctors who perform prostate exams are used to all the weird comments people say. Like uncomfortable jokes like 'buy me dinner first.'" – squijward
"Some of us have seen a doctor so much we're desensitized. The doctors are like 'do you mind if I...' I'm like go for it."
"Or they ask for permission to do things that I am in no way qualified to know the answer to like would you like me to do a biopsy.'" – Chav

This Redditor shared his experience of having a witness while getting the same treatment.

"I'm in my 30s and have had a few prostate checks. One time I got really sick and went with my wife to the ER."
"The doctor wanted to do a check aaaand says 'I'm going to put a finger in your butt to check for blood' I just looked at my wife and said get out."
"She was like I didn't need to make it so awkward. There's nothing more awkward than having you watch a young woman fingering me."


This user was surprised hearing about an 11-year-old having a kidney stone.

"'s crazy for an 11 year old to have kidney stones, were you mainlining soda? Was the doctor a dude with huge hands?" – nemo69_1999

The OP touched on some childhood memories he could do without.

"Back then I was a dr pepper fien. 10 years ago I started drinking nothing but water but still occasionally get a tiny kidney stone, nothing like the monsters I used to have." – Finger_in_mah_butt
"Yeah. Doc said my body takes excess calcium and makes rocks, what's your super power?" – Finger_in_mah_butt
"One time, a stone got stuck half way through my shaft. Then I chugged some water, trying to rocket the stone out like all of my previous stones."
"I felt relief but the stone never hit the toilet. I had to spread my d**k hole open and there it was, at the very tip. I grabbed it with my finger tips and pulled it out." – Finger_in_mah_butt


"Some of my stones were 5mm, I def felt those suckers every step of the way."
"There have been times where, for maybe 5 minutes, I'd have discomfort in the kidney, and then a day later I hear a ding off of the toilet. Those are the nice ones." – Finger_in_mah_butt

While prostate exams may induce pleasure for some, this kind of poking around is the stuff of nightmares.

"Yeah, just kill me or open me up for the surgery. In fact, just kill me now because I have the mental image of a 12 inch tube up my d**k hole." – runnerguy1987

By the way...

"In case you wanted to know the fancy term for "d**k hole," that's called your navicular fossa."
"Don't mind me, just procrastinating from studying for my reproductive anatomy exam on Monday." – nortcara