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Mom Totally Creeped Out After Catching Daughter's Conversation With 'Imaginary Friend' On Video

Mom Totally Creeped Out After Catching Daughter's Conversation With 'Imaginary Friend' On Video

One mother's recent decision to secretly record her young daughter yielded some unexpected—and somewhat horrifying—results.

Identified as Jess on her TikTok profile, the mom in question first thought to break out her phone and begin recording when she heard her daughter "maniacally laughing in the bathroom by herself."

The video, which has now netted over 2.7 million views, began with Jess smirking at the adorable laughter on the other side of the closed door.

But after those few cute moments, there was a major turn.

The laughter ended abruptly, a door slammed, and Jess' daughter could be heard demanding, as if to somebody else in the bathroom, "No one leaves the room."

Immediately, the beaming smile on Jess' face was replaced by a pair of alarmed, furrowed eyebrows.

Plenty of people got a kick out of the video's unexpected conclusion.




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Others took it all a bit more seriously, and offered up some takeaways—and advice—of their own.

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When some people asked Jess to post a followup video, she eventually obliged.

After confirming with viewers she was indeed, alive, Jess went on to explain her daughter claimed to have been speaking to an imaginary friend.

The creepiness only continued when Jess' daughter refused to tell her anything about said imaginary friend.

Fortunately, when Jess posted yet another video in which her daughter actually drew the imaginary friend in question, things turned out to be much less scary than TikTok users had predicted.

After some time spent coloring, Jess' daughter turned her page to reveal a very colorful, unicorn-like creature.

Really, you can't blame the kid for trying to keep a flying unicorn from exiting the bathroom and trampling throughout the house.

That's just smart home ownership.

TikTok viewers were relieved to see the ominous beginnings of this story came to a much more innocent conclusion.



Saphire Sweet-hannon/TikTok

And yet, we cannot forget that detail from Jess' second video.

Her daughter has many imaginary friends she's refused to speak about in the past.

So, sure, we may have dodged a bullet on this one. But only Jess' daughter knows the full extent of what other, secret horrors may be lurking.